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Red Bull Tracker with T-Probe

Every seat, door, panel, and component in an automobile must be precision aligned to promote passenger safety, comfort, and satisfaction. OASIS knows the difficulty of inspecting and performing equipment alignment on machinery that produces large metal parts – so we bring our portable coordinate measurement system right to your automotive component production line. With our 3D metrology services, just one OASIS engineer can perform the high tolerance measurements that your production equipment demands – quickly and accurately to reduce downtime and rework, and ensure quality production processes.

Using laser trackers and portable coordinate measuring arms, OASIS metrology engineers can quickly and accurately deliver 3D inspections and process improvement in the following areas of automobile manufacturing:

  • Measurement of panels and assembled body panels
  • Surface measurement for component verification
  • Deformation measurement and dynamic measurement
  • Repeatability check of individual components
  • Jig inspection and verification
  • Alignment of hinge lines and body components
  • Verification of shape analysis
  • Adjustment of robotic equipment
  • Production line measurements

Using the latest 3D metrology tools including laser trackers and portable coordinate measuring arms, our highly trained engineers can measure pre-determined control points, tooling balls, or custom designed and fabricated features to gather repeatability data. The data is converted and analyzed by the metrology tooling software into reports with 3Dimensional drawings. Only OASIS provides such immediate, in-depth reporting that you can use for planning future process improvements, alignment, or remediation of machine components.

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