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Coaters & Laminators

coatersWrinkles, uneven coating, inadequate bonding, or static build-up?  As the largest and most experienced precision alignment services company, OASIS understands the relationship between misaligned components and poor production processes in coating and laminating equipment. OASIS optical alignment engineers can help you detect these common symptoms of misaligned machine components – and fix the problems fast and efficiently through our in-house mechanical services. We can improve your processes and deliver a wide range of benefits: increased running speeds, reduced waste, extended life of drive systems, extended bearing and coupling life, improved tension control and web tracking, less downtime, and improved quality of end products.

OASIS equipment alignment teams perform the following crucial steps in establishing and maintaining a properly aligned coater or laminator:

  • Verify or establish a precise overall machine centerline
  • Install or verify a permanent offset baseline reference
  • Randomly survey the alignment of major components or existing equipment
  • Fully plan and execute a partial or complete alignment of your equipment

OASIS also provides one of the most in-depth and detailed diagnostic reports in the industry. We include a complete evaluation of the inspection and/or precision alignment work performed – our reports also provide you with an effective tool for planning future alignment and maintenance needs. Additionally, our engineers have the consultative expertise to advise you on ways to gain additional process improvements.

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