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optical alignment of corrugatorIf you manufacture corrugated products you already know the challenges – twist warp, up-warp, down warp, crushed flutes, inconsistent bonding, baggy edges, missed splices, web breaks, uneven moisture profiles, web tension, and heat transfer.  If you are experiencing any of these problems then there is a high likelihood that misalignment exists within your corrugating line.

OASIS is the industry leader in precision inspection and optical alignment services of corrugating equipment and we understand the importance of a properly aligned corrugating line, as well as the improved performance and quality end-product that can result.

OASIS will perform an initial inspection, diagnose any problem areas, and provide experienced mechanical services teams to correct any issues. To ensure the highest standard of quality, OASIS utilizes precisely calibrated optical tooling and a well-structured mobile mechanical tooling crib for all alignment projects. In addition to supporting the installation of new corrugating equipment, OASIS engineers can also advise on ways to gain additional process improvements.

The inspection surveys and/or alignment projects typically focus within the following areas of the corrugating line:

  • Roll stands & splicers
  • Single facers
  • Preheaters – single drum through quad stacks
  • Glue stations
  • Bridge guides
  • Double backers – including hot plates

OASIS provides one of the most in-depth and detailed diagnostic reports in the industry that include a complete evaluation of the inspection and/or precision alignment work performed. Using these reports, you can plan more effectively for future alignment and maintenance in order to keep your corrugating line optimized.

Contact us to learn more about the OASIS advantage for your corrugating line.