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OASIS precision alignment of your extruder barrel and gearbox/motor can greatly increase productivity, reduce waste and extend the life of your equipment. Our engineers use highly accurate optical alignment3D metrology tooling and other instruments designed by OASIS specifically for inspecting extruder barrels. With these resources at hand, we can perform in-depth inspections to identify misaligned components and then fix them using the expertise of our in-house mechanical services team.

You can count on OASIS engineers to perform the following alignment services with the highest level of speed and accuracy:

  • Bore scoping – Optical alignment of extruder barrel to reducer output shaft
  • Laser alignment of the motor to reducer input shaft
  • Mechanical turnkey services
  • Downstream equipment alignment

Metrology services for bore and screw inspection

Ensure that your barrel and screw are in top working order – and accurately forecast when they need to be replaced – with OASIS metrology services, including:

  • Barrel diametrical profile – Bore gauging to create a wear profile of the barrel
  • Screw diametrical profile – Screw Outside Diameter (O.D.) measuring to determine a wear profile of screw flights
  • Screw and barrel straightness measurement – Accurate measurement with OASIS’s advanced laser tracker technology

Most importantly, after diagnosing equipment problems, the same OASIS engineers can fix them. OASIS is the industry’s leading alignment service company with in-house mechanical services capabilities, so you need only one company to do the job from start to finish.

Contact us to learn more about the OASIS advantage for the extruder industry.