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Machine Alignment Services

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Do You Need To…

  • Reduce Scrap and Waste
  • Decrease Unplanned Machine Downtime
  • Improve Equipment and Process Line Efficiency
  • Lower Operating Costs
  • Increase Customer Satisfaction

We Provide Solutions

  • Alignment Inspections and Analysis
  • Advanced Tooling Including Optical Tools and 3-Dimensional Metrology Tools—Laser Trackers, Laser Scanners, Measuring Arms
  • Mechanical Services and Machine Installations
  • Fully Equipped Service Centers Across North America

Trusted for Over 30 Years

With thousands of successful machine alignment projects completed since 1982, OASIS has unmatched experience, training and breadth of knowledge.

Our extrusion line was experiencing problems, specifically wrinkles in the web. OASIS performed an alignment inspection and then did the mechanical work required to correct the problem. They also aligned the tower rolls to the winder. Since then we have seen a 10% production increase on the line, which we attribute directly to the OASIS work. The line has never run better.
Extrusion Technical Manager, IVEX Packaging Corporation