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Manufacturing & Fabrication

Measuring large, complex fabricated parts has always been a challenge because you can’t bring your parts to the measuring equipment – but OASIS can bring our perfectly calibrated 3D laser measurement system to you.

OASIS 3D metrology services are designed to help manufacturing and fabrication companies measure and qualify the dimensional accuracy of large, complex parts. And if you’re already using 3D metrology as part of your manufacturing process, it’s a logical step to use OASIS 3D metrology services to verify part measurements and align large assemblies. Plus, should you be responsible for the installation or erection of the parts you’ve manufactured, OASIS is your logical partner as we are one of the few precision 3D metrology service companies to offer expert in-house mechanical services. That makes OASIS easy to work with, because you’ll need only one vendor for your shop or field needs, whether dimensional inspection or mechanical services.

Why OASIS? As North America’s most trusted precision alignment and dimensional metrology services provider, we do more than identify dimensional problems. We provide the highest quality solutions based on our extensive knowledge of how out of tolerance components can affect form, fit or function – and our 3D metrology engineers are trained to diagnose and recommend the right solutions the first time.

Through 3-dimensional metrology, OASIS can help manufacturing and fabrication companies achieve the accuracy and quality required by ensuring precision dimensional metrology in the following ways:

  • Precision measurement for “one off” or custom parts
  • 3D CAD-to-part  inspections of existing parts and molds or assemblies
  • GD&T of simple or complex parts
  • Reverse engineering to build or rebuild discontinued parts
  • Precision metrics for multiple-part inspections
  • Laser tracker and large volume scanning  services for enhanced precision inside milling envelopes
  • Precision laser tracker services for the assembly of machined or formed parts (jigs and tooling)

Contact us to learn more about the OASIS advantage for the manufacturing and fabrication industry.