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Metal Stamping

Precision is the watchword in metal stamping – if the holes don’t match, if the slots don’t line up, if the stampings are illegible, then it’s back to square one. And that means additional time and cost for rework, not to mention product scrap. Even worse, if bad parts make it to a final assembly point or beyond, products fail and customer satisfaction plummets.

If misaligned metal stamping equipment is causing you problems, OASIS 3D metrology services can help you put quality back on track. OASIS is an expert in laser alignment. Compared to traditional methods, our laser trackers make the inspection and alignment of your equipment more extensive, accurate, flexible, and faster. It takes just one OASIS 3D metrology technician using our precisely calibrated laser alignment tools to determine and capture level, center line location, elevation, and other data with just one reading. As such, OASIS can deliver alignment services within planned downtime, so your metal stamping line can be back up and running – and optimally aligned – on schedule.

OASIS can deliver the following process and business improvements to metal stamping companies:

  • Reduce scrap and the associated costs
  • Reduce rework time and costs
  • Achieve faster, more efficient, consistent, repeatable processes
  • Differentiate your product with high quality stamped parts
  • Improve customer satisfaction

Why OASIS? We’re different because we were the first machinery alignment company to align every component in a production line to a single reference. In other words, OASIS looks at your entire process versus just one individual piece of equipment.

The result? Precision alignment for process improvement and top quality product – right the first time – with no need for repeated, multiple adjustments down the road. We can also diagnose and fix equipment alignment problems all at once, by utilizing our expert engineering and mechanical teams, all of whom are extensively trained in our work and safety procedures.

Every laser tracker report provides a complete evaluation of the data gathered and 3D drawings produced by the laser tracker system. Our diagnostic reports are the most in-depth and detailed in the industry. And, they include recommendations for maintaining the alignment, which will help you translate equipment alignment to process improvements with fast ROI.

Contact us to learn more about the OASIS advantage for the metal stamping industry.