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Whether your metallizer is spraying the inside of snack food bags or electronic and medical products, misalignment of your machine can result in wrinkles and uneven coating – and extremely expensive waste. What’s more, misalignment can damage bearings and other internal hardware that is costly to replace – not to mention the lost revenue due to machine downtime. OASIS precision alignment services can help.

Expert inspection and precision alignment with minimum downtime

As the largest equipment alignment services company in North America, OASIS can inspect your metallizers and offer mechanical re-alignment services with its own highly experienced mechanical services team. We have many years of experience inspecting and aligning metallizing equipment. We understand the critical need for a perfect vacuum seal and precision roll alignment in order to get the high-quality spray results your customers demand. And, we have developed various methods to maintain the roll alignment once our process is complete. OASIS can also minimize downtime by inspecting and aligning a typical vacuum metallizer in just one 12-hour shift!

By expertly aligning your metallizer with our optical alignment tools, OASIS can help you gain the following operational and cost benefits:

  • Reduce the amount of scrap or waste for immediate return on investment
  • Extend the life of special supporting hardware for improved machine performance
  • Reduce machine downtime
  • Improve product quality – no wrinkles, no uneven coating

As North America’s largest and most experienced machinery alignment company, OASIS provides the added value of also being able to inspect and align other coating equipment and machinery in your facility.

Additionally, OASIS provides one of the most in-depth and detailed diagnostic reports in the industry, where we include a complete evaluation of the inspection and/or precision alignment work performed. These reports will give you an effective tool for planning future alignment and maintenance needs – and our engineers also have the consultative expertise to advise you on ways to gain additional process improvements.

Contact us to learn more about our precision alignment and mechanical services for metallizer machines.