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Plastics Downstream Equipment Alignment

plastics downstream equipmentIn addition to the precision alignment of your extruder, OASIS knows that it’s equally important that your downstream equipment be aligned to ensure optimal performance of your plastics line. Otherwise you risk slower production rates and downtime, non-uniform product quality and shorter equipment life.

OASIS can help you eliminate those risks through correct equipment alignment and as a result you can reduce scrap and downtime. We diagnose and fix alignment problems in downstream equipment including blown film, cast film and cast sheet lines, winders, and Flexo presses, as well as other production equipment, to ensure the consistent high quality your customers demand.

Using highly accurate optical alignment and 3D metrology tooling, our technicians have unmatched knowledge and experience in inspecting and aligning the following:

  • Blown film – Dies, nips, treaters, winders, tension control units
  • Cast film – Chill rolls, calenders, winders
  • Cast sheet – Calibrators, takeoff, slitter units
  • Coaters/Laminators – Unwinds, coating and laminating heads, treaters, winders
  • Flexo presses

Most importantly, after diagnosing equipment alignment problems, the same OASIS engineers can repair them. OASIS is the industry’s leading alignment services company with in-house mechanical services capabilities, so you need only one company to do the job from start to finish.

Additionally, OASIS provides one of the most in-depth and detailed diagnostic reports in the industry that include a complete evaluation of the inspection and/or precision alignment work performed. Using these reports, you can plan more effectively for future alignment and maintenance in order to keep your production line optimized.

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