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Power Generation

Gentry in turbine

OASIS understands the complexity and sensitivity of power generating turbo machinery – and that’s why we’ve developed 3D metrology services specifically for your industry – including alignment surveys and measurements that traditional methods typically cannot achieve.

Why OASIS? As North America’s most trusted precision alignment and machine services provider, we train our 3D metrology engineers in-house to diagnose and correct misalignments right the first time. What’s more, we focus our alignment services on how to improve equipment performance. The result? Faster ROI and improved uptime.

OASIS dimensional metrology applications for the power generation industry employ the latest laser tracker technology as well as portable coordinate measurement arms and large volume scanners. They cover the full spectrum of power generation equipment issues, including inspection and precision alignment of:

  • Turbines
  • Casings
  • Wicket gate stay and discharge rings
  • Generators (key bars, stators, and main bearings)
  • Horizontal machine bearings
  • Main shaft
  • Case-to-case alignment (with or without rotating assemblies)
  • Tops-off alignment
  • Installation pads
  • Scroll case geometry and assembly
  • Penstock dimensional analysis
  • Plus dynamic load and thermal growth studies and verifications, foundation stability studies, and pipe strain effects analysis

Better still, OASIS is easy to do business with because we are not only a leader in precision alignment services , but we have in-house mechanical services – so you get higher quality and more responsive service from a single, experienced vendor.

Contact OASIS to learn how we can provide industry specific alignment services in the following areas of the power generation industry:

  • Hydro-electric
  • Nuclear
  • Thermal
  • Wind
  • Solar