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pulp and paperImproper jet impingement in a paper machine headbox. Uneven dewatering in the press section. Drying inefficiencies and premature gear wear in dryer cans. Whatever paper process or equipment problems you may have, OASIS can help.

OASIS is the leading paper machine alignment specialist and has successfully completed thousands of machinery alignment projects. By examining paper machine forming and press sections, dryer sections, coaters, calenders, and winders, we can identify process problems caused by misalignment and put them right.

Plus, because we have industry leading precision alignment services and mechanical services in-house, it’s easy to do business with us when you need a full range of alignment and machine services. OASIS engineers are trained to do the job right the first time, so you decrease downtime, reduce scrap, and gain a faster return on investment.

We also have the expertise and latest 3D metrology tooling to measure and diagnose complex forming zone geometries. OASIS uses laser trackers for measuring many of these critical formation elements in order to develop a complete three-dimensional perspective.

OASIS engineers are highly trained in the latest optical alignment and 3D metrology tooling to identify, diagnose, and develop a total quality solution to overcome paper machinery alignment problems, including:

  • Headbox – Improper jet impingement, streaking and sheet profile issues
  • Forming zone elements – Poor flocculation, premature foil wear, wire tracking issues, and uneven dewatering
  • Felt and wire rolls – Premature roll cover and fabric wear, poor fabric tracking, excessive vibration, and increased energy usage
  • Web carrying rolls – Sheet breaks, baggy edges, and wrinkles
  • Dryers – Uneven drying, wrinkles, baggy edges
  • Drives – Premature gear wear, noise, vibration, and shortened coupling life
  • Winders – Dishing, thrusting, and poor starts in drums; interweaving and ragged edges in slitter sections; poor starts, breaks, uneven rolls, starring and tensioning issues in rider roll and core chucks

With our expert in-house mechanical services teams, OASIS can also help you upgrade and refurbish used paper making equipment. As a result of our total quality alignment services, OASIS can help you achieve improved production processes with fast ROI through:

  • Improved draw control
  • Reduced wrinkles and baggy edges
  • Improved dewatering
  • Reduced bearing and coupling wear
  • Improved sheet formation
  • Increased trim width
  • Increased production efficiency
  • Reduced vibration

OASIS also provides one of the most in-depth and detailed diagnostic reports in the industry. We include a complete evaluation of the inspection or precision alignment work performed – and our engineers have the consultative expertise to advise you on ways to gain additional process improvements. Plus, our reports give you an effective tool for planning future alignment and maintenance needs.

Contact us to learn more about the OASIS advantage for the paper industry.