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The OASIS Advantage

OASIS is North America’s largest and most trusted precision equipment alignment, machine maintenance, and installation services provider. Our vast experience and expertise in using precision optical tooling and 3D metrology tools and technologies – combined with a highly trained, professional in-house mechanical services team – sets us apart as the only company to provide a complete, end-to-end solution from component and equipment inspection and diagnosis to alignment and/or repair.

3D Metrology Services, Precision Equipment Alignment and
Mechanical Services from a Single, Trusted Source

It’s easier to do business with OASIS. Instead of having to manage and coordinate two or three different vendors who do each phase of the job individually, you can engage OASIS with confidence to deliver both precision inspection and alignment services, as well as mechanical services. And you can rest assured that you’ll receive high quality, responsive service from project start to finish. What’s more, as the largest, most experienced provider in the business, no job is too big, too complex, or too far. We deliver our high quality turnkey alignment services from seven regional service centers in North America, so we can respond quickly to work within your scheduled downtime or in an emergency. And we’ve got thousands of successful projects completed to prove it.

Save Time and Reduce Rework – OASIS Does It Right the First Time

OASIS project managers have an average of 20 years of experience in alignment services and mechanical services. And our engineers and field service technicians continually receive intensive in-house training in the latest advances in optical tooling and 3D metrology technologies. In fact, OASIS has set the industry standards for quality, expertise, and responsiveness in optical alignment services and 3D metrology that other companies strive for, but never match. For example, with each service center having its own calibration lab we calibrate optical instruments in house afterevery job, not monthly like some firms or once a year when the equipment is serviced by the manufacturer. With the best equipment and the most experienced staff, you can be confident OASIS will get it right the first time, every time so you can reduce scheduled equipment downtime and eliminate rework.

Expert Process Solutions Driven by your Production Requirements

OASIS has all of the technical expertise under one roof to perform equipment alignment services – plus identify the symptoms, diagnose the problem, and translate that into possible causes for throughput problems and other glitches in your production process. Our engineers fully understand how alignment problems affect processes, so they can take a consultative role in advising you why, how, and when to correct the problem. Most importantly, OASIS is the only company with engineers and technicians who can do the mechanical services work, as well, with expertise far surpassing general machine laborers.

A Faster Path to Productivity, Efficiency, and Return on Investment

OASIS teams work fast and accurately within scheduled downtimes so there is minimal disruption to production schedules. In fact, OASIS customers often praise our teams for their work, dedication, expertise and willingness to go the extra mile. This work ethic, combined with the OASIS advantage of a total alignment service solution and a focus on process improvement, puts you on a faster path to productivity, efficiency, and return on investment. Many customers see ROI within several weeks due to optimized machine performance, reduced waste, and higher quality end products.

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