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The OASIS Approach to 3D Metrology

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Until recently, manufacturers were forced to test parts and components using stationary coordinate measurement machines (CMMs). With 3D Metrology Services from OASIS, 3D measurement can now be completed—directly on a part—with unprecedented speed and minimum disruption. Our arsenal of advanced 3D metrology tools includes:

  • Laser trackers – Extreme speed, accuracy, and portability for large volume 3D measurements.  With a 35+ meter range, laser trackers achieve 25 micron 3D single-point accuracy with the latest Absolute Distance Measurement technology while reporting the 3D position of the probe in real-time.
  • Portable coordinate measuring arms – High flexibility and portability to perform contact and non-contact measurement in one operation with excellent quality control. Supplements the laser tracker to capture small details of large parts and measurements in hidden lines-of-sight.
  • Large volume laser scanners – Flexibility and speed in generating point clouds of entire machine rooms or large structures

Using Our 3D Metrology Tools, an OASIS Metrology Engineer Can:

  • Quickly reverse engineer, generate repetitive inspection routines, or perform CAD-to-Part analysis and tool certifications on parts, fixtures, and assemblies with the highest degree of accuracy available.
  • Present data instantly via 3D metrology software that enables CAD file comparison for real-time, Quality Assurance, as well as catching costly errors before or during production.
  • Provide 3D measurements of larger components down to the tiniest detail and with the utmost precision when combining the pinpoint accuracy of our portable coordinate measuring arms and laser line probes with the capabilities of our laser trackers.
  • Immediately offer recommendations on which components of the part or machine should be fixed, how, and when. Our in-house mechanical services team can make the repairs – so you can deal with just one trusted company with proven 3D metrology expertise instead of hiring two or three outside service providers.
  • Provide exact measurements to your engineering department, resulting in a significant reduction in downtime during quality control, maintenance, or equipment installation. You’ll also reduce rework since parts or equipment can be positioned accurately within a fraction of a millimeter, providing a higher level of engineering support for implementation of new models or designs.

With OASIS, 3D metrology services are delivered with total quality control from start to finish. We calibrate our laser trackers prior to every project to assure the highest level of precision. As such, we can align equipment to the tightest tolerances in the industry. And as you know, the more precise the part inspections or equipment alignment, the higher the ROI in terms of faster throughput, lower cost, and higher quality.

The Bottom Line

  • Improved production process and end product
  • Higher throughput and higher quality
  • Less waste
  • Faster ROI

Contact us to learn more about the OASIS approach to dimensional metrology using 3D metrology and how you can benefit from our expertise.