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The OASIS Approach to Mechanical Services

mechanical_services_approachOASIS approaches mechanical services just in the same way as its other services. We believe that mechanical services are one critical part of a complete alignment solution, so we offer them using only the top trained in-house mechanical technicians. Doing so ensures that all repairs are done right the first time to both solve your alignment problems and improve production processes for higher quality end products.

Intensive technician training starts from day one of employment and continues throughout a technician’s career at OASIS. In addition, many of our mechanical services engineers come to us after gaining experience in the Navy and other military branches. The bottom line is that OASIS never draws from general, contract labor sources for mechanical services.

From regional service centers throughout North America, OASIS alignment service and machine maintenance technicians are on-call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and can be dispatched quickly for scheduled installations, planned outages or emergencies. We can work in 24-hour shifts to get the job done within your time frame with as many technicians as it takes. OASIS can draw upon our regional service centers for additional resources, if necessary.

How We Can Help

  • Machine Installations or Relocations
  • Complete Turnkey Alignment
  • Gearbox, Shaft and Coupling Replacement
  • Roll Replacement
  • Reel, Winder and Drive Rebuilds
  • Bearing, Housing and Coupling Replacement
  • In-place Machining

OASIS mechanical services include a full spectrum of repairs, such as:

  • Removal and replacement of rebuilt equipment
  • Roll replacements and rebuilds
  • Identify and replace bad bearings
  • Replace motors, gearboxes, drive shafts & couplings
  • New machine installations or machine relocations

OASIS technicians are also trained to execute complex in-place machining or rebuilding operations that are necessitated by corrosion damage without removing equipment from the machine. Examples of our in-place machining services include milling of base plates and mounting services, boring of journals, keyway cutting, and journal turning. Our technicians are also skilled in welding mild and stainless steel, cast iron, and Hastelloy using processes such as TIG, MIG, and stick welding, and plasma cutting.

Whenever we bring our fully equipped, self-contained portable tool crib to your site, OASIS technicians work independently to perform all the mechanical tasks associated with installation, repair, or repositioning of machine components. We work closely with your maintenance personnel to diagnose, align, and repair your equipment, but we do not require plant support to address them. In fact, our customers appreciate that they never have to “babysit” the OASIS team while they are on the job.

The Bottom Line

  • Improved production process and end product
  • Higher throughput and higher quality
  • Less waste
  • Faster ROI

Contact us to learn more about OASIS mechanical services and how you can benefit from our expertise.