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The OASIS Approach to Precision Optical Alignment

optical_alignment_approachOASIS brings value to the table with more experience and better trained machine alignment engineers and service technicians than any other company in our field. OASIS engineers use optical tooling methods that start with gathering machine centerline data to:

  • Establish a representation of the machine as it currently exists
  • Provide an alignment profile
  • Provide a basis for maintenance planning and operational troubleshooting
  • Establish a permanent alignment reference for all future machine alignments, machine rebuilds and installations
  • Provide references from which we can monitor machine movement caused by building or machine settlement or thermal cycles

Optical alignment services are the best choice for measuring web processing equipment in industries such as pulp and paper, printing, corrugating and coating. Optical alignment uses planes or Lines of Sight (LOS) formed at 90-degree angles in both horizontal and vertical directions. Measurements from this LOS depict the exact location of the components. Our engineers also use auxiliary tooling that makes direct contact with the component being measured and the alignment results are reported in direct relationship to both the machine’s centerline reference and a level plane.

How We Can Help

  • Precision Alignment Inspections
  • Operational and Troubleshooting Diagnostics
  • Re-Alignment Analysis
  • Alignment Support During Machine Rebuilds and Installations
  • Permanent Alignment References
  • Alignment Maintenance Programs

OASIS knows that optical tooling when applied to web handling equipment, can assure precise roll alignment with efficiency, flexibility, and accuracy not obtainable with other methods. But most importantly, we approach the proper optical alignment of machine components with the goal of increasing productivity and product quality through process improvements like these:

  • Improved draw control
  • Reduced wrinkles and baggy edges
  • Improved dewatering
  • Reduced bearing and coupling wear
  • Improved sheet formation
  • Increased trim width
  • Accurate print registration
  • Improved web tracking
  • Improved splicing efficiency
  • Faster throughput
  • Reduced vibration
  • Less waste
  • Higher quality end products

With OASIS, optical alignment services are more than moving coordinates a fraction of an inch – we provide a total solution to help you improve process quality from start to finish.

The Bottom Line

  • Improved production process and end product
  • Higher throughput and higher quality
  • Less waste
  • Faster ROI

Contact us to learn more about the OASIS approach to precision optical alignment and how we can help you gain a faster ROI through improved production processes.