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The OASIS Commitment to Quality

The OASIS Commitment to QualityQuality is the driving force behind everything OASIS does, from our precision alignment technology and tools to the expertise of our highly trained alignment and mechanical services technicians. Most of all, in every alignment services engagement we are committed to help our customers attain the highest quality in machinery performance and the end products they manufacture.

Of course every company talks about quality – so much so it has no real meaning anymore. So what does quality mean to OASIS? Simple. To us, quality is all about being driven by these four tenets:


OASIS has set the standards for continual innovation in optical alignment services and 3-D metrology by staying up-to-date and informed on our customers’ equipment alignment and dimensional metrology issues, as well as current and emerging industry trends in equipment and production processes.


OASIS is committed to responding quickly to customer demands – whether during downtime or in an emergency – with high quality service from project start to finish. This commitment is reflected in the investment OASIS has made in seven fully staffed service centers across North America. Each facility includes complete optical calibration capabilities so we can respond quickly and deliver consistent, high quality service wherever you are located. The bottom line: no job is too big, too complex, or too far for OASIS.


OASIS is committed to giving our customers peace of mind that every precision alignment job will be completed right the first time – on schedule and on budget – and with equipment that is calibrated in-house before and after every job as well as highly qualified personnel.

Return on Investment

OASIS is committed to delivering increased return on investment to give our customers immediate savings in reduced waste, as well as long-term quality benefits in terms of optimized machine or production performance. Most of all, we’re dedicated to enabling our customers to produce higher quality end products that satisfy their customers and drive a more profitable bottom line.