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Wire Stranding

With their large size, high-energy loads, rigid structure and tight tire and trunnion tolerances, wire stranding machines present a tough challenge for typical alignment services providers – but not for OASIS. We can inspect, align, and repair tubular stranding machines and other types of wire stranding equipment using our advanced 3D metrology tools and in-house mechanical services.

Why OASIS and why laser alignment for wire stranding equipment? As North America’s most trusted precision alignment and mechanical services provider, we do more than identify alignment problems. We provide complete solutions based on our extensive knowledge of how misaligned components can affect production processes – and our 3D metrology engineers are trained to diagnose and correct the misalignments right the first time. What’s more, laser tracker alignment is the only equipment alignment method that combines the high speed of execution demanded by today’s tight shutdown schedules with the precision and accuracy required in large wire stranding equipment.

Our precision alignment services have helped cable companies in the data and power transmission industry, providers of steel cable for lifting and similar applications, and other wire stranding companies achieve improved processes for a fast ROI and a higher quality end product. Our 3D metrology services include:

  • Verification of concentricity of all tires with the axis connecting the drive bearing to the die
  • Verification of all trunnions with the same axis of reference
  • Inspection of bearing mounted tubular machines
  • Repair after system crash
  • Misalignment induced vibration troubleshooting
  • Alignment assistance during equipment overhaul (such as changing trunnions, machining tires, barrel alignment)
  • Gearbox and motor alignment
  • Die locating and alignment
  • Auxiliary equipment inspection and alignment

Contact us to learn more about the OASIS advantage for wire stranding machine alignment.