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When even one-thousandth of an inch in the wrong direction can have a negative effect on quality, OASIS has the tooling and the know-how to provide you with fast, accurate, and repeatable solutions.

Our teams are extensively trained using the most innovative dimensional measurement tools available today including laser trackers, T-probes, laser scanners, and portable measuring arms.

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What People Are Saying

What I got was so much more than I expected. . .the OASIS metrology engineer visually inspected the machine and we discussed the machine’s function to determine a plan of action. I can’t even express in words how impressed I am. . . . your engineer ultimately got our machines back up and running like never before. I absolutely will suggest your company for future work we need to do.

Manufacturing Engineer, American BOA, Inc.

Discover how accurate precision measurement helps deliver top quality product.

Meeting Quality Standards

The Automotive Division of American BOA in Cumming, GA, contacted OASIS when one of their hydroforming machines produced parts that did not meet their quality standards for straightness. OASIS was called in to inspect this machine and two others that were having possible alignment issues. After an initial meeting, it was decided that the best solution would be to have an OASIS metrology engineer complete an in-depth inspection of the first machine using a laser tracker – and because of production volumes at this facility, an OASIS expert was needed immediately.


Li Guan, OASIS Metrology Engineer out of the Canadian Service Center was first on site. Using a laser tracker, he inspected various components as directed by the American BOA team. With the software utilized by the laser tracker, Mr. Guan built a model of the machine that showed both the out-of-level condition and the misalignment of its cylinders. Due to the creation of the modelwhile onsite, Mr. Guan was able to work with the American BOA team to successfully make the necessary alignment adjustments. This was done very quickly and allowed AmericanBOA the ability to expand the job scope to utilize Mr. Guan’s expertise on the two other machines within the two-day time initially allotted. With the assistance from OASIS, American BOA was again able to produce parts that met their quality standards for straightness.

Accuracy Reduces Downtime

Cascades Tissue Group in Memphis, TN, ran into problems when a cable for the lifting mechanism on the tending side of the breast roll of their tissue machine broke which caused the breast roll to fall and hit another roll, denting the shell of the breast roll. They sent the roll to a roll repair center where a significant dent in the breast shell was discovered. With their spare breast roll out for repair and a new breast roll shell costing upwards of $370,000 – plus the cost of 12 to 14 weeks of extended machine downtime while waiting on a new shell – Cascades elected to have the roll repair center attempt to remove the dent.


The roll repair center could not guarantee that the shell would not crack and elected to not attempt it. Cascades decided to remove the dent themselves while under the roll repair center supervision. Once the dent was removed, Cascades knew they needed a company that could measure the shell and determine the overall extent of the damage after the dent removal. OASIS was called in to provide concentricity and cylindricity inspections of the breast roll shell and perform the alignment of the breast roll upon reinstallation. Using a laser tracker, an OASIS engineer performed the inspection and with advanced software, created an image showing the data points of the dent area of the shell. The inspections showed that the dent had been removed to an acceptable range of -0.026” to +0.017”. The roll was then quickly reinstalled and aligned and production resumed. This tissue machine produces approximately 120 tons of tissue per day. With tissue selling at approximately $350/ton, incurring 12 to 14 weeks of machine downtime could have potentially cost Cascades over $3M in revenue. By repairing the dented breast roll shell quickly and avoiding weeks of machine downtime, Cascades was able to prevent a considerable hit to their bottom line.

Aircraft Requires Speed & Accuracy

A large air carrier ran into a somewhat common, but serious issue when one of their aircraft was damaged by a bird strike. Bird strikes can wreak havoc on aircraft and in this case, one of the pitot tubes had been severely damaged. Speed and accuracy are critical to aircraft repair, therefore OASIS was called in to provide precision measurement services. Using an AT960 laser tracker and T-Probe, the OASIS metrology engineer began by establishing references on the aircraft by measuring the specified hard point locations. The mounting components of the tubes were then positioned within coordinates specified by the AMM (aircraft maintenance manual).


The pitot tube was then aligned relative to the aircraft fuselage. The OASIS metrology engineer entered the specified coordinates of the pitot tube tip center into the metrology software and using the laser tracker, aligned the pitot tip center to the specified X, Y, and Z coordinates to within tolerances. The air carrier personnel then measured the angle of the pitot tube using a digital protractor and found the angle to be within the strict specifications. 

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