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How can you maintain optimal productions levels with minimum product rejection? Simple. Keep your assembly jigs, automated equipment and components perfectly aligned – and trust the 3D metrology expertise of OASIS to get it done right the first time.

OASIS delivers the highest quality alignment services through our expertise in 3D metrology and laser alignment. Our engineers are trained in using the latest laser trackers and portable coordinate measuring arms to ensure that your equipment is perfectly calibrated to meet stringent quality standards and regulations for critical aerospace and aeronautic components. What’s more, OASIS understands the special challenges and nuances of aligning equipment that uses 3D processes to make precision parts for the aerospace industry – frames, wings, sub-assemblies, simulators, test beds, and engines. As a result, you can count on OASIS 3D metrology solutions to help you reduce downtime, minimize rework and meet tight deadlines.

OASIS laser tracker services and mechanical services deliver precision equipment alignment and process improvement in the following areas of aircraft and spacecraft assembly:

  • Jig geometry, periodic dimensional inspections, and calibration
  • Tooling inspection and certification
  • Die inspection
  • Detailed part inspection
  • First article inspection
  • Equipment and tooling inspection
  • Finished product inspection
  • Machine tool accuracy and repeatability diagnostics

Using the latest 3Dimensional metrology tools, our highly trained engineers can monitor strategic control points on assembly jigs and automated equipment, generate repetitive inspection routines, and perform CAD-to-part analysis and tool certifications. All of this data is converted and analyzed by the metrology software into reports with 3Dimensional drawings. Only OASIS provides such immediate, in-depth reporting that you can use for planning future process improvements, alignment, or remediation of machine components.

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