Founded in 1970, the Association of International Metallizers, Coaters and Laminators (AIMCAL), provides converters of flexible substrates and their suppliers with a wealth of technical resources that speak directly to the needs of the converting industry including training programs, publications, and conferences and seminars.

Recently, AIMCAL added a unique new resource for association members: AIMCAL TV. From the fundamentals to advanced learning, AIMCAL TV provides members with hundreds of past conference talks, recorded webinars, and other technical programs from leading consultants and industry professionals.

As a long-time AIMCAL member, OASIS is honored to be included as a contributor to AIMCAL TV and we thank AIMCAL for allowing us to share this recording of our presentation “The Benefits of Precision Alignment” with our readers.

In this presentation you will learn:

  • Why precision alignment?
  • Causes and symptoms of machine misalignment
  • Product and equipment issues due to misalignment
  • Benefits of precision alignment – case study
  • Alignment methods and best practices
  • Information on tolerances
  • Overview of alignment technologies

For additional educational content relating to your needs as a converter, we highly suggest you visit AIMCAL to learn more about becoming a member.


For more information on how machine alignment can help converters to improve operating efficiency, please contact the OASIS Service Center nearest you – an OASIS representative would be happy to provide a site visit. Be sure to subscribe to our blog for regular updates on precision measurement technologies, alignment methods, case studies and more. 

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