OASIS Optical Engineers

OASIS Optical Engineers

A large paperboard mill in Ontario, Canada was having issues with baggy edges, wrinkles and lateral tracking problems (in cross-machine direction), particularly in the board machine’s coater area. These problems regularly caused sheet breaks 2 or 3 times a week, every time resulting into stopping the production for 2-4 hours. With each down hour costing between five and ten thousand dollars, this mill was the least performing of the division for quality, production volume as well as profitability.

Global inspection uncovers alignment issues

A request was sent to OASIS Alignment Services to assist with identifying the causes of these problems. Considering the extent of the situation, OASIS first verified the machine centerline orientation and then installed a baseline. Using optical alignment tooling, OASIS performed a global inspection of the machine. The inspection data allowed OASIS to analyze the situation and target the critical zones as well as to plan an alignment schedule based on profitability priorities. OASIS then made all necessary mechanical adjustments in a turnkey format in order to eliminate the problems.

Results of Machine Alignment: cost savings

Following the realignment project, the problems in the coater and the dry end areas had been eradicated. The issues concerning felt tracking, wrinkles and instability of the sheet were eliminated and at year end, the mill evaluated their savings to hundreds of thousands of dollars in bearings replacement costs only.

Alignment ROI – leading in quality and volume

The mill began leading its division, in production volume as well as in quality. OASIS is often onsite with the mobile machine shop in order to perform corrective, installation and modification work in all sections of the paperboard machine. Additionally, OASIS ensures that optimal production conditions are being maintained, by performing preventive inspection and alignment work on the critical components of the machine, following a step‑by‑step schedule planned by OASIS, as per the mill’s demand.

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