Webinar Replay – How to Align Machines: Corrugators

Corrugated Packaging Demands Are Pushing Machines to Their Limits

Corrugators are being pushed to their limits as the demand for corrugated packaging continues to increase. If you are looking for answers to any of the following questions, we highly recommend watching our free webinar on corrugator alignment.

  • Looking to improve product quality?
  • Looking to maximize production while minimizing waste?
  • Experiencing an increase in warp or other product quality issues?
  • Could you, or members of your team, benefit from learning how alignment impacts the performance of your corrugator?

Take a look at what’s inside…

Corrugator Performance

What factors impact corrugator performance and what are the issues associated with misalignment?

Precision Measurement Instrumentation

What are the two types of precision measurement instruments we use for machine alignment?

Corrugator Alignment Process

We present our corrugator alignment process, step-by-step.

About the Presenter

Ted Grimbilas

Ted Grimbilas


In his 30 years with OASIS Alignment Services, Ted Grimbilas has served many roles including field service engineer, project manager, and key account manager. He is an expert in corrugator alignment methodologies having spent many years in the field as both project lead and manager for OASIS corrugator alignment projects across the U.S.  A sought-after speaker, Ted has presented on corrugator alignment at SuperCorr and CorrExpo.

What People Are Saying

This webinar could not have come at a better time – we have been running non-stop this year and having some runnability issues that I now think could be alignment related. 

Corrugator Supervisor

I have an inexperienced team and will be sharing this video with all of them – it will be great to add as a training resource.

Production Manager

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