Learn the Fundamentals of Machine Alignment With Our Handbook

What it is, how to do it, and why you should!

The Machine Alignment Handbook answers the following questions:

  • What is machine alignment?
  • Why is it important to level machines?
  • How do you properly align machines?
  • What are the proper procedures and benefits of machine alignment?

Take a look at what’s inside…

Machine Alignment Handbook

Learn about machine alignment, what it is, how to do it, and why it’s so important to machine performance and operational excellence.

Fundamentals and More

The Machine Alignment Handbook begins with fundamentals and progresses to more advanced maintenance and operational topics.

Fully Illustrated Concepts

All of the concepts – abstract and concrete – are fully illustrated with drawings, screenshots, and photographs to help communicate the information.

About the Author

Hubert Meagher

Hubert Meagher

Director of Metrology Services

Hubert Meagher, B. Eng, spent many years in the field as an Alignment Engineer specializing in precision measurement prior to his role as Director of Metrology Services at OASIS Alignment Services, Inc. (OASIS). He is an expert in using both optical tooling and portable metrology tools in manufacturing facilities. Mr. Meagher was instrumental in researching and developing the 3-Dimensional Metrology Services segment of OASIS and has been heavily involved with testing the use of laser trackers, coordinate measuring arms and laser scanners in industrial environments. Mr. Meagher earned his Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering from Carleton University in Ottawa, ON.

What People Are Saying

I find the Machine Alignment Handbook so useful that I keep it open on my desktop so that I can refer back to it when necessary.

Maintenance Supervisor

In the day to day running of the mill, it is easy to forget how important alignment is to our process. This book is a great reminder!

Plant Manager

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