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Mechanical Team Saves Time

A large manufacturer of plastic film products began receiving feedback from several of their customers stating that the final product did not meet their quality standards. The engineering group at this facility, hired OASIS to perform a thorough inspection of the components within the line in order to determine if misalignment was the cause of the quality issues. Using optical alignment tooling, the OASIS team performed an initial alignment survey of the rolls in the line. This inspection found that the overall alignment of the rolls was acceptable, however there was significant misalignment at the unwind and rewind turrets, as well as in the accumulator.


OASIS worked with the team from this location to develop a plan to address the major alignment concerns. The plan involved having OASIS perform a complete alignment of the line using optical alignment tooling and the mechanical capabilities of an OASIS large tool crib/truck. A seven-person OASIS team was able to complete this project in one 10-hour shift. This project resulted in improved film tracking and a substantial quality improvement that now met their customers’ stringent requirements.

Fast and Efficient Bearing Changes

What began as a project to inspect bearings at a paper mill in South Carolina, lead to OASIS being hired to remove all bearings and housings and install new bearings and seals on 22 dryer cans. OASIS was contacted by and engineering contractor to work with them to assist the dryer can OEM with failing seals. After the results of the initial bearing inspection, OASIS was asked about manpower and tooling capabilities with regards to changing all bearings and utilizing the OASIS dryer can lifting fixtures. The job scope included the removal of bearings and housings as well as cleaning all housings. The new scope also included the installation of the new bearings.


OASIS was able to meet the tooling and manpower requirements of this project by supplying a team of ten alignment and mechanical technicians from several OASIS service centers. The OASIS technicians worked in teams to repair three bearings per team for nine bearings per shift. The fourth OASIS team was assigned to clean the housings. The initial plan by the mill was to replace seven bearings per shift. The actual time required to replace all of the bearings was two shifts for a total twenty-three hours. Because of the number of skilled OASIS technicians on this project, the job was finished one shift early – a huge cost savings for this mill. The engineering contractor was so pleased, he commented “The service was excellent. I look forward to working with OASIS in the future.”

Increased Alignment Efficiency

The mechanical alignment of a corrugator typically takes two teams of alignment and mechanical technicians working around the clock. This was the case when OASIS was hired to perform the complete alignment of a corrugator at a facility in Georgia. An OASIS team of twelve consisting of technicians from the Northeast and Southeast service centers, arrived onsite with one of the large OASIS mechanical tool cribs as well as two optical tool sets. Over three days working around the clock, with one six-man team on days and one six-man team on nights, the OASIS crew conducted a mechanical alignment effort from the single facers through the hot plate section.


Though a tolerance of 0.025” was supplied by the mill, OASIS brought the alignment to within 0.015” for both attributes in most sections including both single-facers,  bottom liner, and hot plate section. Additionally, using optical tooling, the OASIS alignment technicians inspected the machine centerline and found that the two single-facers were not common to one another. The pre-heater, NLB unit, web guide and triple stack were adjusted for centerline to help transition the web through the double-backer sections.

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