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Instrument Calibration Ensures Quality Measurements

In a previous post, Repeatability in Measurement – Why is it Important?, we touched on the importance of calibrating precision measurement instruments. In this post we delve deeper into instrument calibration and why regularly calibrating measurement tooling is critical to accuracy, repeatability and traceability. The Importance of Instrument Calibration According to the International System of Units […]

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paper machine image

Importance of Precision Alignment for Wet End Upgrades

Competition in the paper industry can be intense – and getting the most from your paper machine is crucial. This can be tough with many paper companies running older machines that are being pushed to their limits. To remain competitive, paper companies are often upgrading (modifying, rebuilding and/or adding components to) their older machines in […]

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OASIS team installs new dryer can at American Eagle Paper Mills

Paper and Packaging Facilities See Impressive Results from Precision Alignment

Over the past two years, OASIS has established our Industry Blog as a place for you to find helpful news, tooling and technology updates, and other educational materials relating to precision alignment and 3D metrology in industrial settings. Additionally in our Blog, we like to provide real world examples of successful projects that OASIS has had […]

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Ball Mill

Mining Industry Benefits from 3D Metrology Services

Mining operations are challenging environments for most in the precision measurement field. The older, more traditional mechanical methods are limited in the volume that they can cover and depend heavily upon the skill level of the operator.  Innovative and portable 3D metrology solutions such as laser trackers, make the inspection and alignment of mining equipment […]

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Contour and Whisker Plots

Laser Tracker Terms Defined

One of the most buzzed about innovations in the field of precision measurement is the laser tracker. In a previous post Why Laser Trackers for 3D Precision Measurement?, we provide an overview of the many reasons why laser trackers continue to be the talk of the metrology world. As is often the case though, with […]

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Routine corrugator inspections are key to identifying potential issues

Routine Corrugator Inspections Key to Identifying Potential Issues

In a perfect world, all components within your corrugating line would be installed on centerline, perpendicular (square) to the centerline, and level to earth. Then for many years, these components would stay perfectly aligned, continuously running at optimum speeds, and producing superior quality board. Unfortunately, this is not a perfect world! In the real world, […]

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OASIS Optical Engineers

Understanding Vibration, Balancing and Alignment

In the intensive, demanding and hectic world of industrial maintenance, it can be hard to understand the differences between vibration, balancing and alignment. In this post, we provide an overview of each and why they are critical to maintaining the health of your equipment. Vibration Vibration can be broken down into the three basic physical […]

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