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Importance of Gypsum Board Line Alignment – Part 1

In this first post of a series on the importance of gypsum board line alignment, we provide an overview of the issues that can occur when there is misalignment within the line. In upcoming posts, we will provide tolerance guidelines and alignment inspection methods for gypsum board lines. As the construction industry (both residential and non-residential) […]

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Improving Efficiency and Product Quality with Precision Alignment

Roger Cross, OASIS Project Manager, will be presenting “Improving Efficiency and Product Quality with Precision Alignment” at ICE USA on February 10, 2015. ICE (International Converting Exhibition) is being held at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida, February 10-12, 2015. In this post we provide a brief overview of the topics covered in […]

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metrology, alignment and mechanical services for printing presses

Signs of Printing Press Misalignment

Precision alignment is recommended by printing press manufacturers as the industry standard for ensuring press lines run at optimal speeds and produce high quality product. Regardless of how precisely the printing press was aligned upon installation, its alignment condition will deteriorate over time due to several factors. These factors include normal day to day operation, routine […]

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Misalignment of the rider roll, winder drum or core chucks can create dish-shaped roll ends.

Precision Alignment of Winders – Part 4

In our three previous posts on the Precision Alignment of Winders, we discussed the effects of winder misalignment on product quality and components as well as inspection and alignment techniques for the various areas of the machine – including the Unwind and Lead-in Rolls and the Slitter Section, Rider Roll Ways, Winder Drums, Rider Roll and Core Chucks. In […]

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Why Laser Trackers for 3D Precision Measurement?

Everyone seems to be talking about laser trackers in the precision measurement industry – and there are many good reasons why. Laser trackers are extremely appealing metrology instruments for numerous reasons including size, portability, repeatability and accuracy. Add to that the ability to capture large volumes of  3-dimensional coordinate data quickly and in real-time, well […]

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OASIS Extruder Alignment Tool Kit

Extruder Barrel Alignment is Essential to Plastics Extrusion Process

Proper alignment of your production machinery is a critical factor in maintaining optimum equipment performance and manufacturing the highest quality product. The plastics extrusion process is no exception. As plastics manufacturers increase the demand on extruders for faster speeds and better quality, it is more important than ever to properly maintain the components that make […]

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Precision Alignment of Winders – Part 2

In Part 1 of our series on the Precision Alignment of Winders, we discussed the effects of misalignment on product quality and winder components. In Part 2 of this series, we begin the discussion on inspection and alignment techniques.  Winder Inspection and Alignment Alignment references Most winder component alignment occurs in two directions: vertically and […]

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