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Mill Shoots to Top of Division

A large North American paperboard mill was having issues with baggy edges, wrinkles and lateral tracking problems, particularly in the board machine’s coater area. These issues caused sheet breaks two to three times a week with each break resulting in the stopping of production for up to four hours. With each down hour costing between five and ten thousand dollars, this mill was the least performing of the division for quality, production volume, and profitability.


A request was sent to OASIS to assist with identifying the cause of these problems. OASIS first verified the machine centerline orientation and then installed a baseline. Using optical alignment tooling, OASIS then performed a global inspection of the machine. The inspection data allowed OASIS to analyze the situation and target the critical zones as well as to plan an alignment schedule based on profitability priorities. OASIS then made all necessary mechanical adjustments in order to eliminate the problems. Following the realignment of the components, the issues concerning felt tracking, wrinkles and instability of the sheet were eliminated and at year-end, the mill reported savings of hundreds of thousands of dollars just in bearings replacement costs. The mill began leading its division in production volume as well as in quality. OASIS ensures that optimal production conditions are being maintained by performing preventive inspection and alignment work on the critical components of the machine.

Corrugator Increases Speed

A corrugating client contacted OASIS about their desire to increase their machine’s operating speeds, while at the same time improving the quality of their board and reducing the amount of waste due to delamination and twist warp problems. OASIS first performed an initial machine alignment survey of the corrugating line – from the first single facer through to the end of the double backer.


Numerous components and rollers were inspected for their machine centerline relationship to one another, as well as their level and horizontal alignment conditions. An offset machine centerline baseline was installed along the operator side aisle floor to serve as a reference for future inspection and alignment work on this machine. OASIS then prioritized the problem areas and provided multiple alignment options for consideration. A decision was made to align all corrugating components through the double backer, including all of the hot plates. OASIS performed the alignment on a weekend accomplishing it within four 12-hour shifts. With the rollers within certain units now parallel to one another, and all of the units now parallel to each other, the product is tracking more uniformly, with less baggy edges, and more consistent heat measurements across the board. Results showed a 10% increase in operating speed, with vast improvements to the quality of the board, resulting in significantly reduced waste.

Converter Sees Significant ROI

A leading producer of printed flexible packaging began having issues in one of their printing presses and one of their coater/laminator lines. The facility first began noticing web tracking issues and wrinkles that resulted in registration problems and excessive waste in their rotogravure printing press. OASIS was contacted to survey the line and provide alignment support.


While performing the alignment survey, measurements showed that the entire line was grossly misaligned. OASIS was asked to provide a complete assessment and perform the press realignment. Ten separate stations involving more than 500 rolls were involved in the printing press alignment project. The coater/laminator had developed severe wrinkles, coating skipping, baggy edges and tracking issues. These problems were costing the company approximately 5% of scheduled run time. OASIS completed a survey and the alignment of the entire line – a total of 237 rolls. The facility saw a significant improvement in both lines. Scrap was reduced by 5.6% in the printing press for a savings of $250,000 over 3 months and reduced by 5.2% in the coater/laminator for a savings of $350,000 over 2 months for a total savings of $600,000!

Our extrusion line was experiencing problems, specifically wrinkles in the web. OASIS performed an alignment inspection and then did the mechanical work required to correct the problem. They also aligned the tower rolls to the winder. Since then we have seen a 10% production increase on the line, which we attribute directly to the OASIS work. The line has never run better.

Extrusion Technical Engineer, Plastic Film Manufacturer

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