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Paper Machine Optimization

Due to evolving customer and market demands, a paper mill made the decision to optimize one of their paper machines in order to run a new product on the line. Because this significant upgrade involved relocating existing components and installing new major components, the mill hired a general contractor for the project. The contractor knew they needed highly accurate precision measurement capabilities and brought in OASIS to assist.


The OASIS portion of the project consisted of assisting with 3D imaging of the entire machine as well as detailed mapping of the location of columns and structural supports. Additionally, prior to the relocation of the existing major components, OASIS surveyed the line from headbox to winder. The largest aspect of the project for OASIS, was the collection of layout data in preparation for the installation/relocation of the components. Due to the extensive nature of the layout work, OASIS utilized four to five metrology teams using laser tracker technology each shift over a number of weeks, in order to accurately locate the new soleplates and collect the layout data for literally thousands of bolt holes. Once this was completed, the new components were installed. After installation, an OASIS metrology engineer again used a laser tracker to final align the components of the entire line. The mill had zero alignment related issues upon start up.

Success for Hanover Foils

When Hanover Foils began having severe wrinkling issues in one of their spooling/embossing lines, they were referred to OASIS for help. Using optical alignment tooling, the OASIS team began by inspecting the embosser unit and unwind stand for parallelism to the rewind and found severe misalignment in the line. OASIS then performed the alignment corrections to an established tolerance. Since the realignment, the line has run with little to no waste due to wrinkling.


Because of the positive results generated on the spooler/embosser, Hanover Foils asked that OASIS inspect their two-unit coater line. This line had been experiencing tracking issues in the first coater oven for such a long period of time that it could no longer be used. In order to run the line, a roll was added to the machine to bypass the first coater oven and product had to be run through the process twice in order to produce quality end-product. In addition to the amount of time this took to run the line this way, the energy consumption was exorbitant. Again, using optical alignment tooling, OASIS technicians inspected the entire line and performed the realignment. The two-unit coater line now runs with zero tracking issues.

Optimized for Speed

Prior to the relocation of one of their coating/laminating lines, an OASIS customer requested that OASIS field technicians establish the machine centerline and install a centerline reference and baseline at the new location. Once this was completed, the OASIS engineers then provided optical alignment and mechanical support during the final positioning of all components onto the established machine centerline.


All units and rollers were anchored and aligned accordingly. Because precision alignment of the coater/laminator components can be directly related to line performance and product quality, an alignment program was developed by OASIS for this customer. The program involves annual alignment tune-ups in order to maintain its alignment, thus optimizing its speed and performance and reducing unscheduled downtime.

The work that OASIS performed has helped tremendously. This is the first time we have ever been able to run the full machine without issue. Thank you to the OASIS team for a job well done!

Howard Hager

President, Hanover Foils

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