A common practice in millwrighting is to lay a hole or layout template over a part – or an area – to mark the location of new holes. Imagine a virtual template that has no bounds and could be adapted to almost any surface or area. Imagine too, that you don’t have to fabricate a template and can still be assured the fit will be as good or better without one. Picture things always assembled and fit together the first time without rework!

With innovative, portable 3D metrology solutions, you do not have to imagine anymore. Using advanced dimensional metrology tools and methodologies, field service engineers can use a customer’s CAD dimensions or 3D model to layout exact locations of holes, scribe lines, positions or other features with confidence, accuracy, and speed.

The 3D metrology tools most often used for layout work are the laser tracker and coordinate measuring arm. A portable coordinate measuring arm can be used to lay out details on smaller parts or custom fabrication. Based on (or aligned to) the part datum, any feature can be easily located in real-time using advanced metrology software. On a larger scale, a laser tracker is the tool of choice to layout just about anything in a mechanical setting. Adaptive tooling can be used to locate the center of holes, lay out punch marks, scribe lines, or any other type of marking required such as elevations or elevation benchmarks.

In some circumstances, where a customer requires the use of a marking template, the template itself can be located using 3D metrology. This method was adopted in recent years and is currently widely used in the aeronautical industry. This hybrid use of a template in combination with a laser tracker satisfies both the old school method and the more modern and efficient requirements of cost driven projects.

Time spent reworking holes, fitting edges, or adjusting components until things fit correctly are unnecessary and a waste of money. In today’s economy, who can afford to waste time and money?

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