Machine Alignment and Regular Tune-ups Work Hand in Hand

corregator align 100 DPI

OASIS Optical Engineers Inspect Corrugator for misalignment

A complete corrugator alignment can be considered an expensive endeavor. However, it is often required due to a lack of equipment alignment checks or corrections as part of a routine maintenance program.

Comparing this to automobile ownership, there are standard maintenance milestones that are required to maintain optimum performance (i.e. oil changes, tire rotations and alignment, tune-ups, belt replacements, etc.). Ignoring these milestones will:

  • Affect the performance of the car
  • Introduce unexpected costs from poor gas mileage to the replacement of parts/equipment
  • Present safety issues
  • Reduce the lifespan of the car

The sum of all these problems, in the end, will introduce unexpected but necessary large expenses to get the vehicle back to its optimal performance.

Now with the larger expense of the corrugator alignment project completed, it’s a smart step to institute a Corrugator Tune-up Alignment Plan. Alignment tune-ups are typically done bi-annually, and by implementing this program, it will provide a consistent and proper alignment record of the corrugator. It will serve as a means to identify issues before they become catastrophic and costly. These tune-ups will identify major changes in the roll alignment, thus uncovering such issues as:

  • Worn hardware
  • Bad bearings or worn journals
  • Building settling resulting in equipment shifting
  • Equipment that may have been struck and shifted

So when it comes to the maintenance of your equipment, whether it be your corrugator, your car, or some other piece of machinery, it is far better in the long run to be proactive rather than reactive.

If you are exhibiting any of the signs of misalignment, you should contact a professional immediately, as it could affect the quality of your equipment’s output, and become cost-prohibitive to your business.


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