As a longtime TAPPI member, OASIS was honored to be included as a speaker and exhibitor at the PaperCon 2015 event held April 19 – 22 at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta. In this blog post, we provide an overview of the presentation that OASIS gave in the New Technology Showcase at the show.  If you were unable to attend PaperCon 2015 and would like information on attending upcoming TAPPI events, please visit             

Laser Tracker Technology in the Paper Industry

For most areas of a paper machine, the use of traditional optical tooling continues to be the best option for gathering alignment inspection data. Optical tooling is highly accurate, rugged and dependable and is proven to be extremely efficient in large industrial manufacturing facilities such as paper mills.

However, the capabilities of some of the newer, innovative 3-dimensional measurement tools such as laser trackers excel in several areas of the paper machine. Using a laser tracker, a 3D metrology engineer can quickly inspect 3D geometry, measure exact distances and/or angles between components, and profile rolls and aprons.

Additionally, laser trackers are capable of following the movement of components in real time such as frames, nipping rolls, pickup rolls or shoes. All data captured by the laser tracker is converted by metrology software and can often be presented instantly allowing analysis to occur on site. Paper machine applications that benefit from laser tracker technology include:

Winder Inspection

  • Geometry or profiles of ways, drums, rider roll and core chucks, sectional rolls, hidden rolls, or drives

Reel Inspection

  • Geometry or profiles of drum to rails, primary and secondary arms

Press Geometry

  • Roll to roll geometry, movement of frames and nipping rolls, crowned roll profiles

Calender Inspection

  • Roll off-sets are read on-line without need for diameter data and lengthy computations

Fourdrinier Planizing

  • Table elements are adjusted on a common plane with live elevation tracking feature

Forming Zones Inspection

  • Apron lip, breast roll and forming roll/board geometry, suction box profiles and geometry

Layout Rebuilds, Retrofits and Erections

  • Mapping of existing equipment for accurate design of new components

  • Sole plate positioning using live tracking

  • Anchor and component bolt holes accurately positioned for drilling

  • Frame pieces and pivot points placed without time consuming calculations

  • Out-of-plumb and twisted frame configurations can be identified and corrected

Visit our Pulp & Paper page for more information on the many services that OASIS provides to the paper industry and check out these blog posts for more on laser tracker technology: “Why Laser Trackers for 3D Precision Measurement” and “The Versatility of Modern Metrology Devices”.

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