Here at OASIS Alignment Services, we spend a good deal of time talking about dimensional metrology. Precision measurement is at the core of what we do, so the terms and technologies associated with the field of metrology, such as 6DoF, laser trackers and T-Probes, are pretty commonplace in our discussions.

But, what does it all mean to those of you working in the manufacturing industries and other industrial environments?

In this 15 minute podcast produced and published by MarketScale, Hubert Meagher, Director of Metrology Services at OASIS, sheds light on the world of portable 3-dimensional metrology and how the advancements made in this field allow industrial metrology service providers to gather highly accurate measurement data faster and much more efficiently – even in hidden or hard to reach places.  Mr. Meagher also provides the benefits of this innovative technology to manufacturers and discusses where it excels in the power generation industry.

MarketScale provides hundreds of educational podcasts and videos for various industries including Energy, Food & Beverage, Healthcare, Transportation, and more. Thank you to MarketScale for including OASIS as a thought leader in the industrial metrology field!


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