Recently, OASIS was invited to present an educational session to the attendees of the ICE USA (International Converting Exhibition) event in Orlando, Florida. Myron Smith, OASIS South Regional Manager and Jon Ray, Director of OASIS Sales & Marketing, presented “The Importance of Machine Alignment to the Future of Converting” in the show’s Future of Converting Theater.

For those of you who were unable to attend the event, in this post we provide you with a brief overview of the session along with a link that allows you to download the presentation in its entirety. 

With the many challenges faced by converters, machine alignment will continue to be critical to improving overall operating efficiency.

Why Machine Alignment? 

For many in the converting industries, be it coating/laminating, corrugating, metallizing, printing or slitting/rewinding, the alignment of your machine components and process lines remains a critical factor in improving overall operating efficiency. As critically important as it is today, it will be equally – if not more – important, in the future for many reasons, such as: 

  • Ever-increasing machine speeds
  • New technologies
  • Older equipment -> new and innovative substrates
  • Rising demand for immediate results
  • Highly competitive marketplace

The Future is in YOUR Hands

With these challenges (and more!), converters can benefit greatly from understanding not only the causes of misalignment and the associated issues that can arise, but also by having some basic knowledge of the precision alignment methods and technologies available today. This knowledge can help you choose the equipment alignment partner that best fits your needs and will help you achieve the greatest results. If you want to see a significant reduction in waste, an increase in up-time or production, and an improvement in overall operating efficiency, download “The Importance of Machine Alignment to the Future of Converting” to learn how. 

After viewing the presentation, you may have questions or require additional information – we would be happy to speak with you! Please contact us for more or to schedule a site visit by an OASIS representative. You may also benefit from visiting our RESOURCES page for links to additional presentations, case studies and more. 

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