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Metal Extrusions

Out-of-spec wall thickness, broken stems, uneven wear on angled ways and unusual wear on dummy blocks – traditional extrusion equipment alignment methods alone typically cannot always solve these issues – but 3D metrology services from OASIS can.

Bringing our vast expertise in 3D metrology tools to every job, OASIS makes the inspection and alignment of extrusion presses much more extensive, flexible, efficient, and cost effective. Our highly trained 3D metrology engineers can take measurements on extrusion presses during short outages. Our methods allow us to measure components of the presses without “looking down the barrel” of a hot press.  The alignment results are gathered quickly, precisely, and repeatedly using the laser tracker.

Why OASIS? When it comes to extrusion presses, we’ve seen every problem there is – and more importantly, we’ve solved them. Using laser trackers for precision equipment alignment, OASIS metrology engineers can inspect for:

  • Platen-to-platen vertical and horizontal offsetaluminum extrusion press
  • Platen-to-platen “twist”
  • Centerline coincidence of ram, container, and die
  • Travel profile of ram, crosshead, and stem
  • Ways wear and alignment
  • Container and die platen movement
  • Tie rod length
  • Tie rod extension under load
  • Dynamic movement of components
  • Foundation stability studies

In addition, every laser tracker report provides a complete evaluation of the data gathered and 3D drawings produced by the laser tracker system. Our diagnostic reports are the most in-depth and detailed in the industry to help you translate equipment alignment to process improvements with fast ROI.

Contact us to learn more about the OASIS advantage for the metal extrusion industry.