Refineries & Petrochemical Plants

petrochemical plantEquipment alignment has never been as challenging with faster, more efficient pieces of machinery that require tighter tolerances. Traditional methods of inspecting and aligning these sensitive machines can’t do the job completely – but OASIS 3D metrology services with laser tracker technology can.

As North America’s most trusted precision alignment and machine maintenance services provider, OASIS has become the leader in 3D metrology services for the refinery and petrochemical industries and other industries that require the precision and speed of laser tracker or large volume scanning technology. Our highly trained 3D metrology engineers use the latest laser alignment tools to gather data in relation to concentricity, ovality, dimensional changes, flange locations, equipment interferences, and other key areas in need of inspection. As a result, we can deliver a total quality solution that is much more extensive, flexible, efficient, and cost effective.

What’s the OASIS difference? We can diagnose equipment problems, and our expert engineering team trained in mechanical services can recommend solutions. Here are some of the ways OASIS can help keep your equipment performing optimally for continual process improvement:

  • Component-to-component alignment (with or without rotating assemblies)
  • Component concentricity or ovality
  • Installation pad alignment and verification
  • Dynamic load and thermal growth studies and verifications
  • Foundation stability studies
  • Pipe strain effects analysis, flange orientation, flatness analysis
  • Machinery installation
  • Large volume scanning of piping systems
  • Field reverse engineering of process equipment to avoid field welding and other costly maintenance issues

In addition, every dimensional metrology report we provide offers a complete evaluation of the data gathered and 3D drawings produced by the metrology tools. Our diagnostic reports are the most in-depth and detailed in the industry to help you translate equipment inspection to process improvements with fast ROI.

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