In our last post, Cascades Tissue Group had the challenge of an emergency roll repair. Learn how the 3D Metrology Services from OASIS reduced their downtime.

Dimensional Metrology Services Needed: OASIS  Called In

Daniel Paradis, Paper Machine Specialist from Cascades Tissue Group in Candiac, QC, Canada, contacted the OASIS Canadian Service Center in Montreal for help. Having worked with OASIS on many projects at several of the Cascades mills in the U.S. and Canada, Mr. Paradis has first-hand knowledge of the dimensional metrology capabilities of OASIS.

Because the crash occurred at the Cascades facility in Memphis, TN and the damaged roll was shipped to the roll repair center in West Monroe, LA. , the OASIS Service Center in Pensacola, FL was called to assist. Gary Arsenault, OASIS Metrology Engineer, traveled to the roll repair center within hours after receiving the call.

Project Overview: Metrology Services

OASIS was asked to provide metrology services for:

  • Concentricity and cylindricity inspections of the inside diameter of the breast roll shell after repairs performed at the roll repair center.
  • Alignment of the breast roll after reinstallation at the Cascades plant in Memphis, TN
  • Alignment of the stretch roll in the wire section

Roll Shop Measurements

Using a laser tracker (see Figure 1), Mr. Arsenault began by inspecting the inner diameter of the shell approximately three feet out on either side of the dent. Using this data, a best-fit cylinder was developed and the area of the dent was inspected. The inspections showed that the dent had been removed to within -0.026” to +0.017” (see Figure 2). These results were determined to be acceptable.

Breat Roll Dent

Figure 2: Using advanced 3D metrology software, an image was created showing the data points of the dent area of the breast roll shell.


Results: Return on Investment

The tissue machine at Cascades in Memphis produces approximately 120 tons of tissue per day. With tissue selling at approximately $350/ton, incurring 12 to 14 weeks of machine downtime due to the roll damage could have potentially cost Cascades over $3M in revenue.

By repairing the dented breast roll shell quickly and avoiding weeks of machine downtime, Cascades was able to prevent a considerable hit to their bottom line.

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