During this unprecedented health crisis, many manufacturers are working non-stop to produce essential items needed by healthcare providers and the general public. Even with the cancellation of extended scheduled downs and restrictions on outside vendors, there are alignment related issues that you can (and should) watch for now that will help you avoid larger equipment and product problems in the weeks ahead.

Misalignment in the components of your production line can wreak havoc during “normal” business operation. Quickly identifying and correcting misalignment becomes even more critical now when you are tasked with increasing production with limited resources and equipment that is being pushed to its limits.

Top 10 signs of misalignment that you can watch for NOW:

1. Poor product tracking

2. Excessive noise and vibration

3. Overheating bearings and increased bearing and coupling failures

4. Web breaks

5. Wrinkles

6. Baggy edges

7. Increased scrap rates

8. Leaks – oil, hydraulics, air

9. Reduced operating speeds

10. Increased power consumption

If you are experiencing any of these issues, the OASIS team is here to support you. Are you currently limiting the use of outside vendors? We can help you identify problems via phone calls, photos, and even video chat. We can then create a plan for correcting immediate issues quickly during short outage times. Additionally, during short outages or even during run-time, an OASIS engineer can visually assess your line and suggest areas that will require attention during the next outage or point out areas for your team to keep an eye on.

Know that our number one priority is the safety of our employees and the safety of the employees working in the industries we serve. Our teams are continuing to provide the high level of service expected of OASIS, while diligently following the safety guidelines put in place by the WHO and the CDC.

If you are having alignment issues and would like to speak to an OASIS representative, please contact us – we are available to you 24/7.

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