OASIS is pleased to announce that PaperAge recently published the OASIS article “The Importance of Precision Alignment During Paper Machine Upgrades & Conversions” as one of their featured articles in the printed and digital edition of the November/December 2019 issue of PaperAge Magazine

With many paper makers upgrading and/or converting their older paper machines in order to produce more profitable paper grades, the OASIS article comes as a timely resource for the paper industry. Precision alignment can be an overlooked, yet critical aspect of any upgrade or conversion project and understanding the importance of machine alignment is essential to the success of the project. In this article, written by Myron Smith, OASIS Director of Training & Development, you will learn:             

♦  Why precision alignment is critical during a paper machine upgrade/conversion 

♦  What alignment related requirements should be included as part of the project plan

♦  Why alignment verification is important prior to, and after start up

♦  Effects of alignment in each of the sections of your paper machine

♦  Process and production issues due to misaligned components

♦  Alignment techniques and methodologies

OASIS is honored to be included in PaperAge, a long running and respected resource for the paper industry. Founded in 1884 as a paper industry news magazine, PaperAge has evolved into the premier publication for paper industry professionals around the world. With print and digital publications as well it’s website www.paperage.com, PaperAge continues to offer informative and educational editorial encompassing pulp and paper manufacturing, paper converting operations, technological developments, company profiles and exclusive interviews with key industry leaders. OASIS highly recommends visiting PaperAge to learn more. 

*Note: The article “The Importance of Precision Alignment During Paper Machine Upgrades & Conversions” was originally published as a three part series on the OASIS industry blog. Please contact us for a printed copy of the PaperAge article or if you would like to speak with an OASIS representative. 

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