In a previous post, we provided case study summaries from several of our customers in the paper and packaging industries. In this post, we provide a recap of successful projects where, using a laser tracker, OASIS industrial metrology engineers exceeded customer expectations through expert 3D metrology services

Laser trackers are often the measurement tool of choice in applications where their speed, accuracy and 3D capabilities excel over more traditional methods.  Learn more about this innovative metrology tool.  

OASIS 3D Metrology Services Determines Snow Load Roof Deviations for Cramer Fabrics

Cramer Fabrics manufactures a wide range of specialty textiles in their 60,000 square foot facility in Dover, New Hampshire. Manufacturing operations include modern warping, weaving, singeing, heat-setting and calendering equipment. In the spring of 2014, Cramer Fabrics started work on a new machine installation project. One of the concerns they had with the project was the potential lack of space in the area that was determined to be best suited for the new machine with regards to utility. In need of precise measurements of the manufacturing floor prior to the machine installation, they called in OASIS for assistance.


American BOA, Inc. Solves Hydroformer Alignment Issues with OASIS 3D Metrology Services 

Brandon Clifton, Manufacturing Engineer in the Automotive Division of American BOA in Cumming, GA contacted OASIS when one of their hydroforming machines would not produce straight parts. Clifton and his team were unsure what area of the machine was out of alignment, but could clearly see that the parts produced did not meet their straightness quality standards. The American BOA location in Cumming specializes in manufacturing flexible, corrugated steel pipes for automobiles and other forms of transportation. These particular pipes are used to connect a car’s engine to the exhaust pipe.


3D Metrology Services Reduces Downtime After Roll Crash


Created using 3D metrology software, image shows dent area of breast roll shell.

As with any large piece of production equipment that runs practically non-stop for years at a time, unexpected failures can occur and tissue paper machines are no exception. Bearings, couplings, bolts, rolls, cables, felts and more can wear and fail, causing costly downtime and loss of productivity. When a cable for the lifting mechanism on the tending side of the breast roll of the tissue machine at Cascades Tissue Group in Memphis, TN, broke, the breast roll fell and hit another roll which dented the shell of the breast roll. Cascades decided to remove the roll and send to a roll repair center where the damage to the roll and any damage to the journals could be determined.


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