Over the past two years, OASIS has established our Industry Blog as a place for you to find helpful news, tooling and technology updates, and other educational materials relating to precision alignment and 3D metrology in industrial settings.

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OASIS technicians remove framework in dryer can section at American Eagle Paper Mills.

OASIS technicians remove framework in dryer can section at American Eagle Paper Mills.

American Eagle Paper Mills Sees Significant Reduction in Downtime

American Eagle Paper Mills in Tyrone, PA knew they had a serious issue when they lost a drive bearing on a dryer can in their No. 3 Paper Machine. The failure caused severe journal damage and though the mill was able to complete an emergency field repair that allowed them to run for several more weeks, they knew they had to explore options that would provide a permanent fix. After looking into in-place machining, dryer head replacement and other alternatives, they came to the conclusion that their best choice was to replace the dryer can. . . read full post

Machine Alignment Increases Paperboard Mill Performance


A large paperboard mill in Ontario, Canada was having issues with baggy edges, wrinkles and lateral tracking problems (in cross-machine direction), particularly in the board machine’s coater area. These problems regularly caused sheet breaks 2 or 3 times a week and production stopping for 2-4 hours each time. With each down hour costing between five and ten thousand dollars, this mill was the least performing of the division for quality, production volume as well as profitability. . . read full post

Large Flexible Packaging Facility Sees Substantial ROI from Precision Alignment


One of the nation’s leading producers of rotogravure printed flexible packaging required alignment of the chill rolls of one of their printing presses. Additionally, they had developed severe wrinkling through the foil section of their Rotomec coater/laminator. The printing press is a 10-color Rotogravure printing press with in-line lamination capability. The materials produced on this machine are printed and/or laminated using various films and papers to produce healthcare and food packaging materials. . . read full post          

OASIS engineers use optical instruments to gather corrugator alignment data.

OASIS engineers use optical instruments to gather corrugator alignment data.

Packaging Company Sees Impressive Results after Corrugator Realignment


One of the largest packaging facilities in the Midwest requested an alignment survey of the double backer through the wet end of their corrugator. During the initial survey, OASIS found significant misalignment conditions. After a complete realignment of the machine, this facility has seen a marked improvement in production and supplied impressive data . . . read full post

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