In a previous post, “Your Paper Machine Alignment Questions Answered”, we mentioned that as a time saver for our readers, we will occasionally compile all articles related to a particular topic or industry into one post. Here we provide easy access to our informative resources on converting and packaging equipment alignment as a way to help our customers and friends in the tissue, coating and laminating, printing, and metalizing arenas.

Why Machine Alignment is Important to the Future of Converting

OASIS was invited to present an educational session to the attendees of the ICE USA (International Converting Exhibition) event in Orlando, Florida. Myron Smith, Director of Training and Development at OASIS,  presented “The Importance of Machine Alignment to the Future of Converting” in the show’s Future of Converting Theater.  For those of you who were unable to attend the event, in this post we provide you with a brief overview of the session along with a link that allows you to download the presentation in its entirety. Read Post

Converters Learn the Benefits of Precision Alignment on AIMCAL TV

As a long-time AIMCAL member, OASIS is honored to be included as a contributor to AIMCAL TV and we thank AIMCAL for allowing us to share this recording of our presentation “The Benefits of Precision Alignment” with our readers. Read Post

Hanover Foils Achieves Impressive Results from Precision Alignment

Hanover Foils, LLC, a flexible packaging converting company located in Ashland, VA, specializes in coated foil and film and foil laminations for a variety of industries including food and beverage and pharmaceutical, medical and nutraceutical. When they began having severe wrinkling issues in one of their spooling/embossing lines, as well as continuous tracking issues in their two-unit coater line, they were referred to OASIS Alignment Services for help. Read Post

Symptoms of Misalignment within Coating/Laminating Lines

The misalignment of your coating/laminating equipment can cause excessive waste and downtime, poor product quality and a decrease in overall efficiency – all of which can lead to dissatisfied customers. So, how can you be sure that misalignment is the problem? An alignment inspection of your production line is your best course of action.  However, if you begin seeing symptoms, chances are there is misalignment in one or more areas of your machine . Read Post

Tissue Converter Avoids New Embosser Purchase with Roll Alignment

When a large tissue converter began experiencing severe wrinkling and baggy edges in one of their paper towel lines, they knew they had a serious problem, but were not sure where in the line the issue was occurring. Read Post

Improving Efficiency and Product Quality with Precision Alignment

Precision alignment of converting equipment can significantly improve operating efficiency, product quality and customer satisfaction, while reducing machine downtime and excess waste. With so many alignment methods, technologies and suppliers to choose from however, it can be difficult to select the option that will provide the highest return on investment. Read Post

Signs of Printing Press Misalignment

Precision alignment is recommended by printing press manufacturers as the industry standard for ensuring press lines run at optimal speeds and produce high quality product. Regardless of how precisely the printing press was aligned upon installation, its alignment condition will deteriorate over time due to several factors. Read Post

Large Flexible Packaging Company Sees Substantial ROI from Precision Alignment

One of the nation’s leading producers of rotogravure printed flexible packaging required alignment of the chill rolls of one of their printing presses. Additionally, they had developed severe wrinkling through the foil section of their Rotomec coater/laminator. Read Post

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